Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Cult of Trump

Me &Thunder Great Smoky Mtns Natl Park

I am an American citizen born on American soil, as were both of my parents and their parents before them. My father even served in the United States Army before later becoming a civilian barber. I begin with this caveat because there are some people out there in the Trump camp that firmly believe that if I choose not to support Trump, then I should leave this country. Get it straight, this is my country too and I have every right to be here, just as I have the right to vote for whomever I so shall choose.

Trump's supporters claim that they believe in freedom of speech, but only if it is in support of their candidate. This is where the “get out of OUR country” statements are being thrown about (just do a Twitter search.) They forget that we have to share this country whether we agree with one another or not. As an American citizen I shouldn't have to worry that if I put up a sign in my yard or bumper sticker on my car for “the other guy” that Trump's supporters will vandalize my home and car, but these blind followers of Trump are okay with breaking the law to help their candidate get ahead, and if my property gets damaged in the process, so be it.

I have yet to meet a rational Trump supporter, and to be honest, I can't fathom how they are able to turn a blind eye/ear to his lies, failed business history (4 bankruptcy filings) and ongoing irrational behavior. Do they actually believe he is capable of calmly negotiating any kind of a deal with a foreign power or do they just expect him to bully his way through the talks with Trump's “my way or the highway” mentality? I want a leader that projects knowledge and confidence, not one that looks like he's throwing a tantrum in the sandbox. He claims that he's going to make a lot of changes once he gets in office, but he seems to forget there is a process involved in changing laws and procedures and you can't just make it so with the stroke of a pen.

This is a man that has no idea what it is like to have to struggle for a living. Trump came from a life of privilege, getting his start on the coattails of his father's business and then later receiving a “small” $1 million dollar loan from him to start a real estate business. He can't empathize with a minimum wage family trying to stretch a dollar and put meals on the table for their children, just as he can't understand the concept of 'not' being able to have something or having to choose between those somethings. Maybe this month it's a choice of food on the table or taking one of the kids to the doctor, but don't expect that you can do both.

This election is disheartening, especially with the realization that there are so many cult followers out there loudly asking for more of the special Kool-aid. It's almost as if no one can see or hear the train coming. No one is asking the right questions or demanding answers. And when it all goes to hell in a handbasket they'll start pointing the finger or blame at “the establishment,” but to be sure, it won't be because of anything they did or didn't do, and it certainly won't be due to the blind eye they turned.

Maybe I'm a rare class of person that actually does research into a candidate. I think about the struggles and rights of others and how they might be affected. Perhaps more people should do that as well instead of beat their drum to the march of a mad piper. The media, in particular, should take a step back and re-evaluate their coverage of candidates because they sure as hell aren't giving them equal coverage and that is a disservice to all American voters. 

Don't agree with me? That's your perogative. Just be grateful that you live in a country where we are ALL entitled to a difference of opinion, and no, I don't have to drink the Kool-aid.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

How to Create Your Very Own Magical Tools for Spellcraft

Practitioners of magic know the value of having a finely crafted magical tool for spellwork. Learn how to create your own magical stave or wand.

Gem Detail on Magical Staff
For magic practitioners, the decision to create a wand or stave should not be made impulsively. Each magical tool must have a clear purpose behind its creation. A wand, for instance, is a focusing tool for drawing in and directing magical energy.

A stave's purpose could be similar, or it might consist of a more protective nature used for radiating protective energies around it's wielder. Whatever the purpose, the magical tool should be constructed in a respectful manner.

Selecting Wood For Crafting Magical Tools

The choice to use live or dead wood is a hotly debated topic amongst many practitioners of magic. Some would say that you should never use live wood, while others would contend that dead wood lacks any energy to lend toward a magical working. Ultimately the decision to use live or dead wood will lie with the tool wielder's own beliefs and personal path.

When selecting a wood for creating a wand or stave, take time to review the magical properties of wood species and select one that will be consistent with the type of magic the wand will be used for.

The lunar phase should also be noted when creating magical tools. Most new projects should be begun on a new moon and culminate by the full moon.

If collecting from a live tree, ask the tree for permission before making any cuts. Take only enough of the tree to create the desired tool, being careful not to cause any additional damage or trauma to the tree. It is customary to leave a small token or offering in appreciation of the sacrifice.

Creating a Magical Wand or Stave

A good goal for a wand is to have a relatively straight piece of wood that measures from wrist to elbow, and then adjust the size downward from there. Using a piece of fine grain sandpaper, sand off any rough areas along the wood. It is not necessary to remove the bark from the wand, but it may be done if desired.
Willow Wand with Quartz Crystal Point

Once sanded, wipe down the wood with a good mineral or wood oil and then set it aside. Each time the wood begins to dry, oil it again and set it aside. It could take several days for the wood to dry from repeated oiling before it finally stops soaking it in. The oiling process helps preserve the wood and prevents the wood from drying and becoming brittle.

A stave length should be no higher than head height, and may be shortened to whatever feels most comfortable for the practitioner. The stave should be sanded and oiled just as with the wand construction. When the stave or wand is sufficiently dry to the touch, finishing touches may be added such as the carving of runes and symbols, or the mounting of stones.

To seat a crystal into the tip of the wand, choose a crystal that is slightly smaller in diameter than the wood. Carefully bore out a small hole and fill it with gem glue. Insert the largest end of the crystal into the hole and tape it securely until dry. After the glue is dry, remove the tape. From this point wire wrap can be used to better secure the crystal to the wand if desired, or it can be left plain.

During all steps of construction, keep in mind the purpose for constructing a magical tool. Once the wand or stave construction is finished, it can be formally dedicated if the practitioner so desires. Wipe the wood with a fresh bit of oil every few months to help preserve it, and it will last for years to come.

This article is copyrighted by Beverly Hill and first appeared on Suite101.com

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Used Car Salesmen

Wow. My track record with salesmen has just been phenomenal (sarcastic) lately. This past week I was car shopping online and stumbled across "the car." You know, the one you've dreamt about and it finally materializes at the right time. Well, it now ranks up there with too good to be true because it had very low miles, was in almost perfect condition, and had a very bad sales person. 

First, let me just say that the online price was very overpriced. I did my research with Nada and Kelly Blue Book and even took the time to check out the car's vehicle report. Smart girl. Information in hand I went down to the dealership to check out this shining beacon of hope and wow! There she was, like something out of a movie; Sparkling and shiny like new. I liked her. A lot. (And FYI, all cars are girls. Think about the fueling process.)

So, oddly enough I had to hunt and hunt for a sales person and finally cornered one. I expressed my interest in the car and we went over to see what we could agree upon. Since the price was conveniently not on the car (but had been posted on the website) I asked, "How much are you asking." He then proceeds to quote me a price $1,000 over what was posted on the website. Talk about insulted! I then offered him a figure under the price guide listings and was quite pleased to see an equally disgusted look on his face. Good. He then came back down to about what the internet price was listed but now I was just mad and walked away. I mean come on! 

As I was walking away I pulled out my trusty cell phone and called my boyfriend. The salesman was still following me so I made sure he heard me tell my beau that the price had actually gone up! The man tried to talk to me for a minute or two more but I politely thanked him and left. Since then I've received two more offers by email, but the car is still grossly overpriced. At this point, after the treatment I received, I don't even think I'd purchase the car if it hit the magic price. 

I'm still trying to figure out if the treatment I received was because I was a woman or if I just looked like a particularly dumb individual when I walked onto the lot. I think next time I will hire a headhunter to go in for me and negotiate the deal. This is ridiculous. No wonder so many people hate car shopping. 

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Overzealous Salesperson

OMG! Grab a chair because I'm about to rant! 

I went to a local pet shop this morning to pick up some mice for my snakes, and I thought while there I might grab some meal worms for my Leopard Gecko. One would think this would be a simple enough task considering I have years of experience shopping for my pets. If only! 

I entered the pet shop to the ear piercing shrieks of dozens of large birds. Immediate turn-off for someone with sensitive hearing. Personally, if I owned a pet shop that housed birds, I'd have them in their own room away from the entryway, but I digress. I was greeted by a gentleman I've met once before and who I mistakenly thought might know what he was doing. I told him that I needed mice and he questioned me about the sizes and eventually just gave in and allowed me to go into the feeder room to pick them out and that's when Holy Hell erupted. 

We stepped past the woman who also works there and she immediately started to interrogate me with questions of what kind of snakes do I have? How big are they? Well then, you need this size mouse and this size rat and so forth. Excuse me, but I've done this a time or two and actually know what my snakes will eat, specifically, that Pepe' the Ball Python will not take pre-killed mice or rats and must have a live one. At some point past the arguing I managed to get some frozen mice and a live rat. But alas, the interrogation was far from over. 

While the gentleman tried to ring me up on an aging computer, the woman asked me about my dogs, having noticed I grabbed a handful of sample sized 'Taste of the Wild' dog food packets. I have a Great Pyrenees, a Boxer mix (tripod,) and an American Eskimo dog. 
"Well what do you feed them?"
" Iams Naturals."
"On no! You shouldn't be feeding them any of that, or Science Diet, or Eukanuba, or any of that stuff! It's made with chicken by-products and that's not good for them."
I attempted to remain composed. "I have plans to switch them to 'Taste of the Wild,' but I'm waiting for them to finish with the Iams Naturals."
"They don't need to be on Iams. That's the same as feeding them Road Kill. You don't eat road kill do you?"
"No, I don't, but I'm quite aware of what's in their dog food." I stopped her. "Before you go on, I'm a writer and I do quite a bit of research on the subject. We had a dog die from hemangio sarcoma that was most likely caused by ingredients in his dog food."
"You should feed them 'Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover's Soul.' Everything in it is natural and they don't use any by-products. It's better than 'Taste of the Wild.'" 
"I'll probably buy 'Taste of the Wild' before I would buy 'Chicken Soup.'
"Well why?!"
"I don't like that brand."
"Why don't you like it?!"
"Because it's the brand name. I won't buy any of their products. Just like I don't like Wal-mart so I shop at Target."
"But why don't you like 'Chicken Soup?!'
I looked her dead in the eye, "Because it's too Christian."
"I'm not buying it."
"Well if you do some research on it you'll see that it's got everything that they need to be healthy. It's better for them than the other one."

By this point I just want to pay for my shit and leave. Then the guy behind the counter remembers that I have flying squirrels and mentions it. 
"Are they flying squirrels are regular squirrels?"
"They're Flying squirrels."
"Oh, you should give them Monkey Biscuits."
"They have some.  I'm actually very careful about what they eat. They're the reason I know so much about the dog food ingredients because they can't have anything with synthetic vitamin K in it."
"Why not?"
"Because animals can't process it and it causes tumors."
"They need a calcium block for ferrets."
"I actually feed them a specially forumlated food that's just for squirrels called Henry's Healthy Blocks. It's got all their vitamins and minerals in it. And they have a deer antler to chew on."
"So, you have a boy and a girl then?"
"No, I decided to have two girls because I don't plan on breeding them."
"Oh, that's good because no one will buy them."

"What did you need the wax worms for?"
"My leopard gecko."

"What are wax worms?"
"They're a soft bodied grub."
"Why can't he have king meal worms?"
"Because I have to cut off the heads for him."
"No! You don't cut off their heads!"
"Yes, you do. If he doesn't kill it and swallows it alive it can tear up his intestines. I've been in herepetology for many years and it's happened to other gecko owners. That's why I like the wax worms."


I am never EVER going back. TAKE NOTE small pet shop owners - this is how you run off repeat customers. Don't talk to us like we're stupid and we've never owned a pet before. We will leave your shop, never return and right a blog entry about you so that no one else wanders into Everything Bird in Fort Walton Beach! 

Sunday, September 12, 2010

I write like - Dan Brown!

LOL! I just did the writing analysis for "I write like" and apparently I write like Dan Brown, author of the DaVinci Code, Angels and Demons, Deception Point and other fine novels. I can't really be upset because I really like his writing style.

I write like
Dan Brown
I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Time to Find a New Doctor

I was watching the news this morning and did a double-take. The doctor that I go to when I'm feeling under the weather is running for U.S. Senate. This raises a couple of interesting points for me, 1) If he is elected then obviously he won't be in his office seeing patients and 2) after visiting his candidate page I learned much more than I wanted to know, like how drastically his opinions differ from mine. Which brings me back to religion and politics and how the two should never be discussed over dinner or in polite company.

I suppose I could fret and fume over this latest development, but ever since the BP fiasco I've lost so much faith in our elected officials that I'm not even sure I'm going to vote. I had no idea the Big Oil owned and controlled our government. Just watching how BP orchestrated the disaster in the Gulf is proof of that. So it would seem that electing officials serves no point if money is all it takes to pull their strings. 

So perhaps I will just put my faith in homeopathic remedies and avoid the doctor all together. If only it were that easy to avoid the effects of corrupt politicians... 

Friday, July 30, 2010

Feds think public can't HANDLE THE TRUTH about toxic dispersants says EP...

Sometimes it amazes me what the American government and BP thinks it can get away with it. Not only is BP paying scientists NOT to reveal their findings, but the government is backing up BP's lies.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist (which is good because BP would probably pay them off too) to figure out that oil and dispersants are toxic. These materials are entering the food chain and will affect everything that it comes in contact with. Just look at a recent report on toxins found in whales or the ongoing results of autopsies performed on Gulf marine animals. The seafood in the Gulf of Mexico is NOT SAFE TO EAT. 

Below is a report from the EPA's senior analyst Hugh Kaufman exposing what the government doesn't want people to know.