Friday, November 27, 2009

Greyhounds in Need of Homes

Passing this along for a friend. Please feel free to forward this on.

The Dairyland Race Track in Kenosha, WI will be closing on Dec. 31, 2009. 900 Greyhounds need to be adopted or they will be euthanized. there are only 6 weeks to get this task done. Contact Joanne Kehoe, Operations Director Ph: 312.559.0887 or Dairyland Race Track Adoption Center direct at 262.612.8256.

Laptop Computers

The old laptop died just in time for the holidays. I like to shop (online) the sales so I did a bit of shopping in the Dell Outlet this morning and got a good deal on a sweet little Dell Vostro. I've had good experiences with my Dells (the computer that died was an Acer Aspire One aka PoS) so it was only natural to hook myself up with a new one. The thing I like about the small laptops is that they fit in my shoulder bag and can go to work with me. If I need more power I've still got my desktop for backup.

What didn't I like about the AAO? Mine came with Linux-Lite, which for a Windows trained girl it just wasn't able to do what I needed. I was unable to download and install any updates, and Acer customer support was virtually non-existent. I'm a writer, so I need a computer that can keep up with my needs. This time around I'm going Dell.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Animal Cruelty on YouTube

If you're an animal lover you definitely don't want to watch this video. A group of "adults" show their ignorance by bashing an innocent and terrified 3 ounce flying squirrel to death with a shovel instead of humanely capturing it and releasing it outside like it should have been. What can you do? Go to YouTube and FLAG this video as offensive and list it as animal cruelty.

Why am I so upset? I actually own a flying squirrel that I have hand-raised since she was orphaned. Benji is a pure joy to be around. She is intelligent, playful and loving. And this is coming from someone who was most definitely not a big fan of squirrels until Benji came along. My world would be bleak indeed if this tiny angel wasn't in it. It would take a sick individual to deliberately harm a flying squirrel.

Please flag this video and get it removed from YouTube! Senseless killing of an innocent flying squirrel.

Benji and I thank you.