Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tripod Dog Stars

This week I'm doing my best to gather votes for my little 3-legged pup, Tigger Tot. I've entered her in contest to find "Scrap" who will star in the upcoming movie "Lucky & Rich." Will Tigger make it? The votes will decide.

Tigger's story is a pretty rough one. Her mother was a boxer who was taken to an animal shelter when she became pregnant. Spay or neuter your pets!!! After the pups were born, something horrible happened to our then unnamed pup. The dogs in the adjoining cage grabbed her leg, pulled it through the wire, and ripped it completely off. After the accident, she spent the next four months of her life in a veterinary clinic before finally coming to a rescue group called Save UnderDogs based in Destin, FL.

She wound up with us because we regularly foster dogs for Save UnderDogs. "Triumph" hopped into our home on a cold November afternoon and was quickly renamed "Tigger" because Tiggers bounce and Tiggers are wonderful things. It was a strange transition for Tigger to hop into a home with toys and a yard because she'd spent her entire life in kennels, but after a few days she started to figure it out. She became more confident and began learning commands and how to play with the other dogs and a wolf.

Months passed. It seems that no one wants to adopt a handicapped dog even though to watch Tigger run and jump and play, you almost can't tell she's missing a leg. I'm not even sure she knows. June rolls around and still no permanent home for Tigger, so we decided that she may as well stay with us. Who else is going to spoil her rotten with yogurt and a carrot mixed into her food twice a day? Only us!

Vote for Tigger Tot and help her win a chance at stardom.

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  1. Hey Tigger, we hope you win!

    Rene, Jim & Spirit Jerry