Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Give Blood

Steve Taylor, 48 years old, operates heavy machinery in Rossville, Ga. On Monday his pelvic region was crushed by an Excavator. His wife has spinal meningitis and has been through 15 surgeries and now this. The Taylors have a deep love for animals and frequently rescue those in need. They were finally digging theirselves out of debt and deserve a break. If you are able, please give blood; the code for blood assurance is 47932 STEVE TAYLOR.

Watch this blog for more updates as they become available. I will relay information for monetary donations as it becomes available.

Update: Steve had surgery Thursday and they were able to repair his pelvic. They did have to give him 8 pints of blood. Thanks to everyone that gave blood. He will be in a wheelchair for 3-4 months and it will be a long hard road but he's lucky to be alive.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Wow! Local Newspaper Hits New Low

As if there's not enough negativity in the news the local newspaper has now started producing a weekly supplement featuring full color mugshots and listing all of the local crimes committed over the past week. These are all stories that were already reported in the newspaper over the past week, but for the low fee of $1 readers can get them all bundled together in a convenient 24 page mini-paper. And here I thought they were being vultures just for photographing all of the local car accidents in hopes that they'd get a shot of blood or a decapitated limb. Go team! Not.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Florida Residents Save Money at Disney

It's a great time to live in Florida! Disney is running a special from now until May 25, 2010. Floridians can visit 4 Disney theme parks in 4 days with the Disney Dream Pass for just $99 plus tax. Be aware of a two week blackout date from 3/27/2010 to 4/9/2010. Tickets are available until May 21, 2010.

Photo by Hyku

Friday, January 8, 2010

National Flying Squirrel Association 2010 Conference

If you're a big fan of flying squirrels then mark your calendars and make reservations for the 2010 National Flying Squirrel Association Conference presented by Tom and Gail Savage to be held February 26-28 in Andalusia, Alabama at the Day's Inn. As of publication the cost for king and queen rooms were $65.95. Reservations can be made by calling the Days Inn at 334-427-0050. Make sure to mention the NFSA. Admission to the conference itself is $20 for non-members and free to members of the NFSA.

On Saturday, Prof. Michelle Gillie from Auburn University will be in attendance presenting her talk "Spoken Like a True Southern Flyer, Decoding the Language of Flying Squirrels." Later, Tom Savage will be speaking on the subject of Oak trees, acorns, and other southern trees that flyers depend on.

In addition to guest speakers there will be a silent auction, trade table, socializing and dining. Saturday evening, weather permitting, will include a marshmallow roast at the home of Tom and Gail Savage. Visitors are encouraged to bring a lawn chair, blanket, choice of beverage (sweet tea will be available) and their cheerful self while attempting to listen for the sounds of the wild flyers in the neighboring woods.

T-shirts, sweatshirts, and a golf shirt will be available for pre-order from Gail Savage. Prices and descriptions are as follows:

#1 is a gray quarter zip sweatshirt with the NFSA emblem on the front; the back of the shirt will have the state of Alabama with a flyer and a star that shows where Andalusia is. Underneath it will be a list of all the NFSA meetings along with the dates.(there are 7 listed) Price of the sweatshirt is $25.00

#2 is a gray polo "golf" shirt, long sleeve $20.00 or short sleeve $15.00 same design as sweatshirt.

#3 is a gray short sleeve t-shirt $10.00 or long sleeve $15.00 same design.

Make checks payable to Gail Savage, 1104 Prestwood Bridge Road, Andalusia, AL 36421. Please note on your check shirt style, size and include an email address. Pre-ordered shirts can be picked up at the registration table Friday evening or Saturday morning.

One note of caution: Alabama is one of the states that does not allow possession of flying squirrels, so please keep this in mind as you are making your plans. The hotel itself does allow pets if you decide to bring them along.

For further questions please email Gail Savage.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Squirrels and Baseball

When a flying squirrel becomes a part of your family you spend a lot of time doing research on their needs, dietary requirements and health issues. You even spend a good amount of time combing the internet for squirrel toys, connecting with other squirrel owners, and... what's this? Squirrel baseball? Well, sort of...

This year the Richmond Flying Squirrels make their debut in the Minor League Baseball Eastern League. Now, before you go thinking that flying squirrels are just cute and cuddly little furballs that aren't very tough, here are some things you should know. Flying squirrels have mad skills. They are amazingly fast, can glide over 250' and have been referred to as carnivorous (although they're actually omnivores.) Personally, I think flying squirrels kick butt and that the Richmond Flying Squirrels couldn't have picked a better name. Go Squirrels!!!

Up until now I've never really been much of a sports fan, but I think this time I'm going to have to support my personal flying squirrels, Benji and Nibbles, and root for the Richmond Flying Squirrels. I've already bought my t-shirt. Now I wonder if they sell team t-shirts in super tiny squirrel sizes??

Want to learn more about flying squirrels? Just check out my article on Southern Flying Squirrels.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Worst Seafood Dip Ever!!

If I can save just one person's taste buds from this revolting concoction then I will have done my first good deed of the year. It is a smoked tuna dip called "Skinny Dip" made by Gulf Smoked Seafood. This is the absolute worst tuna dip that I have ever tried, and no, it wasn't expired. OMG!!! I want to lick the bottom on my shoe just thinking about it. I've tried various smoked tuna and smoked salmon dips and this was so bad that after one bite, into the garbage it went.

It's made by a company out of Pensacola. We always try to buy local whenever possible, so when Kris saw this at the local grocery store he brought some home yesterday. The container even touts "Too Good Not to Try." I initially wondered why Kris only ate a little bit on a couple of crackers before putting it back into the fridge without a word. I found out later that he didn't want to "bias" me towards the dip before I tried it. While I appreciate that sentiment, if it's going to taste so bad that I want to follow it up with kerosene and a match, PLEASE warn me!

Living along Florida's Emerald Coast has allowed me to sample all kinds of seafood and dips. Some Tuna dips were awesome, others I wasn't that keen on. Without a doubt the "Skinny Dip" Tuna Dip is the one to avoid, hands down (or hands out if you're trying to push it away.) "Danger Will Robinson! Danger!"

Okay, so maybe I got a bad batch, but to all of the companies out there that make prepackaged food stuffs... it only takes one bad batch (apple) to ruin it. I have no desire to EVER try another "Skinny Dip" Tuna Dip. I had just one bite yesterday and I'm still cringing from it. Ugh!!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Look for the New Year

With the arrival of the new year I decided to give my blog an updated look and I'm very pleased with the results. I hope everyone else will be as well. My blog wasn't the only thing that got an updated look though... I changed my hair, bought some new outfits, new jewelry, updated my resume' and started applying for a new job. Heck, I even bought a new Toshiba laptop and have a wireless printer ordered. I rarely pamper myself, but it was long overdue.

The new year also marks my new Examiner position. I am now the Outdoor Adventure Examiner for the Panama City edition. This will make it easier for me to get out targeted local interest stories. Interested in writing for the Examiner in your city? Just follow this link and fill out the application. In the referral section remember to mention that you were referred by me, Beverly Hill, ID# 18666, and thank you for your support.

I'm planning on focusing on some new and different hobby topics over at this year. Each month will feature a new hobby, tips on getting started, and techniques. Do you have an interesting hobby that others will enjoy? Drop me an email and tell me about it.

In another endeavor I've sponsored a White-tailed Antelope Squirrel named Elfin over at Best Friends Animal Society. There are many animals there that could use your help. Animals can be sponsored in memory of a loved one or just you can choose to become their guardian angel. Either way it's for a good cause and an excellent way to start off the new year in a positive way.

Happy New Year everyone and may it be a good one!