Sunday, January 3, 2010

Worst Seafood Dip Ever!!

If I can save just one person's taste buds from this revolting concoction then I will have done my first good deed of the year. It is a smoked tuna dip called "Skinny Dip" made by Gulf Smoked Seafood. This is the absolute worst tuna dip that I have ever tried, and no, it wasn't expired. OMG!!! I want to lick the bottom on my shoe just thinking about it. I've tried various smoked tuna and smoked salmon dips and this was so bad that after one bite, into the garbage it went.

It's made by a company out of Pensacola. We always try to buy local whenever possible, so when Kris saw this at the local grocery store he brought some home yesterday. The container even touts "Too Good Not to Try." I initially wondered why Kris only ate a little bit on a couple of crackers before putting it back into the fridge without a word. I found out later that he didn't want to "bias" me towards the dip before I tried it. While I appreciate that sentiment, if it's going to taste so bad that I want to follow it up with kerosene and a match, PLEASE warn me!

Living along Florida's Emerald Coast has allowed me to sample all kinds of seafood and dips. Some Tuna dips were awesome, others I wasn't that keen on. Without a doubt the "Skinny Dip" Tuna Dip is the one to avoid, hands down (or hands out if you're trying to push it away.) "Danger Will Robinson! Danger!"

Okay, so maybe I got a bad batch, but to all of the companies out there that make prepackaged food stuffs... it only takes one bad batch (apple) to ruin it. I have no desire to EVER try another "Skinny Dip" Tuna Dip. I had just one bite yesterday and I'm still cringing from it. Ugh!!

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  1. Sent via email by: Pamela LaVersa5:48 am
    Tried posting this on the blog but don't have an account. :( This brought back memories form when i worked in a pre-school program. We had to try a dip called "Tuna Tease". Well, "Tuna Torture" would have been more like it. I too, didn't want to bias the children before they tasted it so I pretended it was good. Well..."out of the mouths of babes", as they say, because right of their mouths it came...with verbal accompaniments such as "yuck!" and "gross!" along with gags and the sound of spitting. This recipe included chopped apples, tuna, lemon juice and plain yogurt. All good things on their own. Thanks for the memory.