Sunday, February 14, 2010

Covering Hands Across the Sand

Yesterday I went out to our local beach on Okaloosa Island to cover the Hands Across the Sand event where hundreds turned out at various locations all along the beach to show their opposition to oil drilling in Florida waters. They weren't alone because the scene was replayed by thousands all across the beaches of Florida.

I admire these people for having the courage to stand up for something they believe in and not just going along with the flow. Florida has some of the cleanest beaches in the world, but in addition to that it is home to many rare and endangered plants, animals and marine life that depend on its preservation. The health and well-being of those species should always come before the pockets of greedy oil men.

It is time to stop depending on oil and truly make the switch to renewable energy. Solar, geothermal, hydroelectric and others are the future. Here's to Florida taking a stand against big oil and telling them NO OIL DRILLING IN FLORIDA WATERS!

Okaloosa Island

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