Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Natives are Restless

I'm a former native of Biloxi, MS. Let me take this moment to make it perfectly clear that the name of the city is pronounced bee-lux-ee and not beh-lox-si. I can't tell you how infuriating it is to listen to someone butcher the name of my hometown. I remember vividly when a new weather forecaster came to town many years ago and mispronounced the name Biloxi (and Saucier and Gautier) and was then inundated with letters berating him for it. I suspect he also had problems pronouncing Vieux Marche' and Dedeaux Road as well. Saucier is not full of saucers (flying anyway) and there are no goats in Gautier (that I know of) nor is it pronounced like Cartier.

I am on this particular rant because while watching a television show one of the characters (decidely Southern and dimwitted) bragged about her win of a beauty pageant in (mispronounced) Biloxi. I like believability in my television programming, however, this also reminded me of a college that was running commercials about their courses and campuses, one of which was located in, again mispronounced, Biloxi.

Here's a news flash for advertisers, promoters, newsmen, and media: If you're going to showcase a particular town LEARN HOW TO PRONOUNCE IT! If you don't you'll probably rile up a bunch of locals or former locals and then a)they won't buy your product, b)won't take you seriously, or c)both.


  1. Here, Here! (cheers)

  2. I feel your pain! I grew up in a town called Houma, about an hour west/south of New Orleans, Louisiana. Everyone thinks we all talk like Adam Sandler in "Water Boy." And yeah, many folks do but NOT everyone! I remember laughing at my out-of-state professors in college trying to pronouce all the LA names like Boudreaux, Thibodaux, Bourgeois, etc. Morons!