Friday, May 21, 2010

Dear BP ‒ Oops Doesn't Cut It

It has been a month since the sinking of the Deep Water Horizon off the coast of Louisiana and still toxic oil continues to spill into the Gulf of Mexico poisoning our waters. Yesterday thick vats of oil slopped into the delicate marshes and bayous of Louisiana killing everything it touched. Where was BP's grand plan to stop it? Oh wait, that was the same Dog & Pony Show that kept reassuring everyone that the oil would be contained, it would never reach shore, no animals would die in the making of this disaster, and the fishing and tourism industry would not be affected. Newsflash BP: Reciting a Mantra of Lies Doesn't Make it So!

Plausible Deniability

BP has tried to distract the public with finger pointing about who is ulitmately to blame for the explosion of the Deep Water Horizon on May 20th ‒ at this point it no longer matters whether it was BP, TransOcean or Haliburton. What matters now is getting the well head sealed and cleaning up the colossal mess that has turned the Gulf of Mexico into a vat of poison. But where is BP? That's right, out spinning more yarns to pull the wool over the eyes of the public (for you Brits that's Southern speak for crafting masterful works of fiction that sugarcoat the truth.)

While sea turtles, dolphins and oil covered pelicans turn up on shore, BP keeps repeating the mantra that “while unfortunate, they are not oil related.” So, you expect the locals to believe that they all just stopped off at the Quicky Lube for an oil change because its something that they like to do for fun? Sorry, we're not buying what you're selling. However, if the Powers That Be at BP would like to join us for a locally caught seafood dinner I'm sure we can whip up some sort of tasty sauce to cover up that nasty non-oil related film that the fish have swam through and ingested.

Compensation From BP

So by now the question begs to be asked of BP: What are you going to do for us now that the fishing and tourist industry is ruined? Are there grand plans in place to replace all of the marine life that is dying off in the Gulf of Mexico? Can you put a price on an endangered sea turtle or West Indian Manatee? Have you ever seen a Diamondback Terrapin in a Louisiana Marsh and did you have a spare to replace the ones that are dying? Can you replace the experience of walking amongst thousands of tiny clicking Fiddler Crabs on a hot summer evening if there are no crabs left to see?

Furthermore, BP, have you truly realized the impact on the fishing villages along the coast? For many fisherman, fishing is their life. If the boat doesn't run, their families don't eat. They can't just go out and get another job because not only does it take time to learn new skill sets, there aren't a lot of alternative jobs in a fishing town. This isn't big city life and it is close-minded to expect them to just pick up and move to where there are other opportunities. These are their homes!

Finally, there's the rest of us that live, work and play in these small communities. Is BP going to be sending all of us checks in the mail to make up the difference in the higher prices that we will now have to pay to buy seafood that has to be imported because fishing in the Gulf has been impacted? Are they going to pay for vacations that we have to take somewhere else because we can't go to our own beach? Will they be building us a giant aquarium where we can go free of charge to see the marine life that we used to be able to see swimming in local waters? Most importantly, will they be cloning endangered species and putting them back so that future generations can see them as well and not just remember them from pictures and stories? Yep, that's what I thought...
Photo by: USFWS/Southeast 


  1. I share your perspective and your anger and outrage over this catastrophe. BP is currently hiring employees for beach cleanup, forklift operators, and management positions. They are paying $18, $30, and $50 per hour respectively, and I'm sure it will only be a matter of time before they begin to give themselves kudos for "saving our economy" and giving the fishing industry something to do for the next couple of decades or more. These people are nothing less than environmental rapists and terrorist morons who didn't have enough forethought to consider every possible scenario in disaster planning procedures, nor did they put enough funding into ecologically healthy methods of dealing with oil spills. Our government FAILS in demanding that major industries have extra safety precautions, procedures, and nonpoisonous methods of cleaning up their mess. For as long as there have been oil platforms out in the Gulf, there should be backups and backups for the backups, etc... Individual communities of CITIZENS need to raise their voices to the highest volume possible and keep it up until the corporations and government officials on all levels get the message!
    Blessings to the Earth, to the Gulf, and to All of Her Creatures!!
    Cynthia Jurkovic

  2. I have considered getting a t-shirt printed up saying "Where is that boiling in oil punishment when we most need it? I am astonished that there are still residents of Florida who think we can go for offshore drilling. Perhaps in future generations the name of Satan or Beelzebub can be effectiverly changed to Halliburton-the true "devil". I would not buy a teaspoon of gas from BP if they were paying me to do so.