Friday, June 11, 2010

BP Fails Again

 As a resident of the Gulf Coast I've had a front row seat to the fallout from the BP/Deep Water Horizon disaster that is still continuing to flow almost two months after it began, and flowing at an even greater rate than before. In fact, as of this morning the major news stations are reporting 1,680,000 gallons of oil per day! I think the majority of the people affected would agree with me when I say STOP THE DAMN LEAK!!! From where I sit it doesn't appear that BP has been focused on stopping the leak; instead it would appear that all they wanted to do was keep the broken pipe open so they could capture that oil and process it. 

To make matters worse the cleanup effort in the Gulf is being hampered on several fronts; poor communication, lack of a clear chain of command, and an absence of skimmers, booms and barges. Local government needs to take action to protect their own waterways instead of playing a game of wait and see with state and federal powers that be. This is our home and we are the ones with the most to lose!   Get off your behinds and protect our beaches and inland waterways BEFORE it's too late. 

Earlier this week I saw one of BP's new $50 million ad campaign commercials designed to give us all a warm fuzzy feeling. CEO Tony Hayward apologized with a "We're very sorry" and "We will make this right." I've got a question for you Tony; When?? How?? I realize that Mr. Hayward is just a figurehead... something for us to direct our anger at, but never forget that BP is the one pulling the strings. BP has a history of lying to us on a daily basis! After all of the lies why would anyone believe anything that BP has to say. 

One of the new promises that I still can't swallow is the promise that BP will use any profits made from the recovered oil to benefit wildlife. Really? Who exactly will be in charge of reviewing those figures and making sure that money actually does go to wildlife programs? Is it going to be the same people that lied about how much oil was leaking from the well? BP, we can't trust you!!! 

The bottom line is STOP THE LEAK!!! Then get this mess cleaned up!! 

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