Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Time to Find a New Doctor

I was watching the news this morning and did a double-take. The doctor that I go to when I'm feeling under the weather is running for U.S. Senate. This raises a couple of interesting points for me, 1) If he is elected then obviously he won't be in his office seeing patients and 2) after visiting his candidate page I learned much more than I wanted to know, like how drastically his opinions differ from mine. Which brings me back to religion and politics and how the two should never be discussed over dinner or in polite company.

I suppose I could fret and fume over this latest development, but ever since the BP fiasco I've lost so much faith in our elected officials that I'm not even sure I'm going to vote. I had no idea the Big Oil owned and controlled our government. Just watching how BP orchestrated the disaster in the Gulf is proof of that. So it would seem that electing officials serves no point if money is all it takes to pull their strings. 

So perhaps I will just put my faith in homeopathic remedies and avoid the doctor all together. If only it were that easy to avoid the effects of corrupt politicians... 


  1. Hi Beverly,

    Thank you for the post, I have never heard of ghost peppers. Sounds interesting,lol.

    Thank you again for stopping by,

    Barbara Clark

  2. Yes, both Dems and Repugs are controlled by Big Oil, Big Sugar, etc. Oh lordy, we need a Green Party just so's we can vote FOR SOMEthing!