Saturday, April 18, 2009

Earth Friendly Green Living

As I write this, Earth Day is just a few days away. I've always tried to be Earth friendly, and for the last two weekends I've been setting up a lush green area complete with a recirculating waterfall on the back porch in the hopes of enticing my favorite amphibian, the American Green Tree Frog, to take up residence there and help control insects naturally. I'm happy to report that just a few minutes ago I spied a large tree frog sitting happily on top of the waterfall. My plan appears to be working perfectly.

Combating insects without the use of pesticides is just one way we can learn to be more earth friendly. During my research on green living, I found quite a few interesting facts that opened my eyes to even more ways to live green, such as changing out all standard light bulbs to compact fluorescent light bulbs, composting, and growing your own garden. Recycling is also a good idea, as well as ditching plastic bags for reusable cloth bags, hybrid cars, and reading the newspaper and magazines online. You probably already pay all your bills online, so why not make the switch to e-billing and keep the paper clutter out of the mailbox?

One last tip: Lay off of the bottled water. Instead, invest in a faucet filter or filter for the refrigerator and use the water that you already pay for every month. Think of all the plastic bottles that you can keep out of the landfill. The Earth will thank you.

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