Saturday, August 1, 2009

Outdoor Adventure

Meet the newest Tampa Bay Outdoor Adventure Examiner! I just started writing for the Tampa Bay Examiner, and so far things are going very well. I'd been looking at the Examiner for some time as another paid online writing job in addition to my Feature Writer position over at, but I always felt that it might be a bit too much to take on while still working a 40 hr a week job at the local courthouse, but I finally bit the bullet, applied, and got accepted.

The great thing about the Examiner, besides getting paid to write, is that you can select a specific topic of interest to you and simply write in that topic. Articles are short and examiners need only post 3-4 per week. No sweat, right?

But seriously, someone looking to get into online writing would do good to check out places like the Examiner or New writers stand to gain valuable feedback and experience from editors and other writers, writers earn money for each article they produce, and writers and their articles receive widespread exposure . If you'd like to try the Examiner, go to the referral page and once you've filled out the application, be sure to select the Examiner that referred you--me-- Beverly Hill or ID #18666.

Gotta get back to work. I've got a few more articles on the burner and they're just itching to be "published." :)

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